duAmnes Residence



212-70 Itaewon 2(i)-dong Yongsan-gu, Seoul South Korea

The house features a robust security system, with external low-light/thermographic flare-compensated cameras, as well as Ares ThiefShock external doors and security shutters (S14 A24). Interior non-closet doors are standard security doors (S8 A12). The exterior walls are armored against explosives (S15 A28) and the interior walls themselves are reinforced (S14 A24). Each closet in the house also functions as a secure panic room (S16 A32), with self-contained power, air recycling, nutrition, and waste management systems. The armory is extremely heavily reinforced, essentially a bunker (S20 A40).

First Floor


Fleur's room is marked on floorplan as "Bedroom 2". A 3D model is available here.

Second Floor

Most of the closet space is Exy's, for some reason. A 3D model is available here.


The most heavily customized part of the house. The alcove on the right features modular drone charging stations, and that 2-car bay is where the custom Tata Hotspur ("Tiny") is parked, alongside Psy and Exy's motorcycles.

The room directly to the left of the stairs has been converted into a biometric-locked armory, and the room to the right of the stairs is the in-house "spa", with a hot tub, sauna, and massage table.

The left two-car bay is where the Nissan Hauler and Mercury Comet are parked.

The area to the left of the garage proper – which is cut off in the floor plan – is the workshop.


duAmnes Residence

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