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  • Moesby

    Moseby is the team's new fixer. A seemingly wealthy Shanghaier with an eye for the finer things in life, Moseby seems dependable and likeable. Favoring a personal connection with runners, Moesby feels the shadows are more about trust than professionalism. …

  • Lyric and Bruckhaus

    Runner Aliases: Lyric and Bruckhaus Metatype: Pixie and Troll Real Names: Unknown Estimated Age: 30-35 (Lyric) 50-57 (Bruckhaus) Profile: Combat Rigger and Face respectively. Lyric pilots a modified NeoNet Juggernaut she uses as a combat mech. …

  • David Ross

    Exy and Psy's fixer from Seattle. He appears to them as two different personas, Davey and Ross, and the two of them have yet to put it all together.

  • Erazmus Von Karstein

    A mysterious and powerful mage fullfilling... *some* sort of role within Horizon, Erazmus stands out simply because that's what he does. With the death of Neuro, however, it is unlikely the team will cross paths with him.

  • Roxanne

    Roxanne was Neuro's 'love interest' prior to his death, a lady of the night and waitress at Shennaniganery. She's returned to work after the Triads murdered her old boss and repurposed the staff for their own.

  • Myou

    Red's former girlfriend and a powerful Voodoo Shaman, Myou is the lead singer for the Carib-Ghost Rock band Voodoo Spikes. Myou is responsible for the scars and tatoo on Red's back, and it's assumed they were happy together, however Red decided to call it …