A slender female elf, with an air of quiet serenity about her. Her hair reaches just below her shoulders when loose, though she often has it in a modified warrior’s tail or two interwoven braids – unless she’s gone and gotten a haircut. Her eyes appear to be lilac, and pearlesce into a rich emerald green when viewed at an angle. Freckles spray across her nose and cheeks, and her mouth easily quirks into a wry smile or friendly grin.

She dresses for work in a classy Mortimer ensemble, sleekly tailored over her naturally modest figure and paired with low-heeled leather boots. She also has a collection of unarmored clothing ranging from casual wear to formal dresses. She often disguises a Noizquito as a hair ornament.

She carries most of her gear either in belt pouches partially concealed by the flare of her coat, or in the modern rigger’s pack on her back. Said knapsack is relatively full; bits of commonplace gear like a flashlight and zip-ties are easily visible alongside a mid-grade RCC.

She has an accent influenced by a mongrel patois of Gaelic Sperethiel and French: an Irish lilt-and-trill coupled with French pronunciation.

Should anyone get a glimpse of the skin on her back, they will find a complex biotattoo: A dark green pattern of gently glowing circuitry and geometric shapes. One such shape, on her right shoulder, is adorned in negative with a short phrase in Korean.


Born in 2043 to Marianne and Phillipe duAmnes, both elves respectively of Irish and French ancestry.

Lived with her parents in Dublin until 2051, when the family moved to the French town of Saint-Gregoire, just north of the city of Rennes.

In 2068, her family’s combined home and electronics repair shop was burnt to the ground by Humanis sympathizers. Her parents returned to Tir na nOg, while Psychedel disappeared into the shadows to seek revenge.

She succeeded at her revenge, perhaps a little too well, and in 2073 found it necessary to escape to Seattle where she has lived and worked since. Early in 2078, she made enough of a name of herself as a small-time runner to catch the attention of the RunnerHub and secure an invitation.

Psy and Ex Machina met the same year that Psy got onto the ’Hub datahaven and quickly struck up a friendship, which led to them meeting up at a local shooting range for some “shop talk” – or just to get away from the lecherous advances of another runner. The two riggers had an immediate physical attraction and tripped each other into bed.

Though at first, they were just “friends with benefits”, over the course of a month where they barely left each other’s company – or their bedroom – their relationship grew beyond that. Psy and Ex found themselves bound together by what Psy would swear up and down was love at first sight, and their relationship has only deepened since.

After a year working together in Seattle, as well as on separate jobs, Ex began to want to break out of the shadowrunner life – go legit – for reasons that Psy didn’t completely understand, and in large part hasn’t yet pushed Exy to explain. Either way, Ex divested herself from the runner life and went to Seoul to study drone engineering. Psy remained behind in Seattle to support the both of them, and visited Seoul regularly to see Exy.

On one visit in mid-2079, Exy proposed to Psy and they married almost immediately in a private ceremony before embarking on a luxury trip across Asia and Europe aboard the New Silk Road. This trip ended in Dublin, where Psy introduced her parents to her new wife, which resulted in a larger formal ceremony.

After their honeymoon, Psy returned to Seattle and Exy returned to Seoul and her studies. The lonely redheaded elf struck up a friendship with Petrus, an Elf with a similar outlook on life and Elven bullshit. The older elf treated Psy as his little sister, which soon became truth as they swore traditional Elven fraternal oaths to each other.

By 2080, Psy was increasingly unhappy with spending most of her time away from Exy, and having saved up a fair bit of nuyen, decided that she was going to quit running and join Exy in Seoul. The two now retired runners decided that traditional day jobs were not for them, and got into racing rally cars – first a beat-up Mercury Comet in low-ante amateur circuits, then following a good year, a custom Tata Hotspur.

In February 2081, while on a walk with Exy, Psy allowed her wife to intervene in an altercation between a white-haired little girl and some more typical street kids. After assuring the girl she was safe, the two fluffy lesbians gave her a place to sleep for the night…which extended into a week, then a month, then naming her Fleur and adopting the girl while moving into a wonderful new home with the youngster.

In late 2082, Psy and Exy got back into the shadowrunning game. Since then, they have made strong connections with Red and Moesby while doing their best to keep from getting involved in a Trade War between the Big 10. Unfortunately, this may not be possible, since Petrus and Sariane recently showed up unannounced with the former trying to keep his head out of the Azzie’s sights – and a bit of information regarding a run that went south.


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