Lyric and Bruckhaus


Lyric A pixie with radiant bio-luminescent streaks and a datajack, Lyric’s dark skin, tiny frame and wings contrast sharply with her partner’s huge bulk. She spends a great deal of time when not in her Robot Of Death™ riding around on his shoulders.


Bruckahus, by contrast, is a hulking figure, a big troll with an even bigger smile. Grizzled in a somewhat grandfatherly way, the ‘Oldest Troll Alive’ is the life of the party. He speaks in a big booming voice, dressed in all of the highest fashions.


Runner Aliases: Lyric and Bruckhaus
Metatype: Pixie and Troll
Real Names: Unknown
Estimated Age: 30-35 (Lyric) 50-57 (Bruckhaus)
Profile: Combat Rigger and Face respectively. Lyric pilots a modified NeoNet Juggernaut she uses as a combat mech. Bruckhaus is a consummate face and the two are known to be very close.

Notable crimes include:

  • 72 diffrent counts of property damage totalling almost 10 million nuyen
  • The sinking of a Horizon Subsidiary Nobumasa luxury cruise liner totalling 50 million in damages alone.
  • Being the life of the party <edit:>

Biography: Bruckhaus and Lyric are a force to be reckoned with. The duo together take some of the more zany demo jobs. They seem to trail a high property damage count. Off work the two are the life of the party and stories abound of some of their more epic escapades.

Lyric and Bruckhaus

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