Red's little sister


Post-Rescue Ware List:

  • Cyber
    • Attention Coprocessor (Delta)
    • Datalock R1 (Gamma)
    • Datajack (Gamma)
    • Dermal Plating R3 (Delta)
    • Dream Link (Delta)
    • Internal Router (Delta)
    • Simrig (Delta)
  • Bioware
    • Cerebral Booster R1 (Delta)
    • Claws R2 (Delta)
    • Mnemonic Enhancer R1 (Delta)
    • Print Removal (Delta)

Red’s ‘little sister’ Fichi is another escapee from the Delilah Project, the bio weapon development program Red escaped from. Together, Red and Fichi made their way through the Caribbean, eventually joining up with Black Bart’s Booty Brigade, the pirate band led by Black Bart.


Two weeks before the team met Red in Burma, and Black Bart bit the dust, Fichi was kidnapped by a group of human traffickers led by a Burmese army captain, and sold to someone named Mr. Crane.

The Antaeus Group

Fichi was sold along with other girls to the mysterious ‘Anateus Group’, and forced to undergo a number of terribly invasive cyberware and nanoware operations. The purpose of these experiments are currently unknown to the team.

A Freak of Science

Following her rescue, the team began to realize something: Anateus’ experiments (To induce resonance with cybernetics) was successful, in a way. Perhaps her trans-human biology made her more receptive to implants, but Fichi has become a very weak resonance techno. The prototype was far from perfect; The Resonance well in her implant was disconnected and dissonant, and only with the help of the gnome techno Fuguai was she able to overcome and purify the Dissonance. Needless to say, should she be outed, there are some corps who would be very interested in ‘acquiring’ her.

Sail Away Sweet Sister

In the wake of Red’s selfish actions to try and ‘find herself’, leaving a similarly feeling Fichi at the wayside, the two ‘sisters’ have parted ways. Fichi now stays at Moesby’s sometimes-base, the Airfield, though she has an open invitation to stay with the duAmnes family.


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