Ex Machina


Yong Choi, or Yong duAmnes after her marriage, is a Korean woman with back-length, usually pink hair. She has a decent amount of tattoos, coming up so the tops of them are revealed at her neck, and also has a few piercings on her ears, nose, lower lip, and brow. She has the tattoo of her Brooklyn gang, the Shattered Hearts, on her back. There are a few small scars on her face, mostly covered by the goggles she usually wears, and a few burn scars along her arms and jaw, though these have been removed as much as possible.. She’s very lean from a life of malnourishment, but her ware makes her heavier than she looks. Her drones are generally used models, looking very worn and broken down, but fixed up with whatever spare parts she could find.


Yong was born on a cargo boat passing over the pacific ocean, in a tiny cabin near the bottom of the ship. It was headed from Korea to Calfree, but on the way, got sunk in a storm. Yong’s mother was able to take her to the lifeboats just barely in time, but unfortunately, her father wasn’t able to make it. After a month on the raft, barely surviving the journey, Yong and her mother got picked up by a UCAS patrol looking for survivors. After a few years of living in various places the government assigned them to, the two of them were brought to Brooklyn, moved into a tiny apartment, and expected to make their way in the world. It didn’t got very well. Her mother was unable to find a job with her lack of knowledge in English, or American culture in general. With her mother unable to make money, Yong took a position with the gang, “Shattered Hearts,” at the age of 14. She started out low level, smuggling drugs for them for a little bit of cash. She spent that cash on English lessons for her and her mother, but even with her best efforts, she started to get wrapped up in the gang’s culture. She slowly got more and more tattoos, then started spending money on ware. Around 16 years old, her mother starting getting sick from VITAS. Despite her best efforts to provide medical aid, her mother died, and she turned to the gang to support her. She became part of their family, slowly learning more from them in exchange for her work. She did theft and fighting for them, also learning how to control drones to get a slight edge in combat, and to operate in more dangerous areas. Then, during a large gang fight, a fireball cast from a combat mage on the other gang hit other team members around her, with some of the fire running along her skin, giving a few scars. She ran away from the fight, scarred from all that happened. She decided she couldn’t be in Manhattan anymore, with her mother and some of her best friends dying there, and went to Seattle and started running after using some of her old gang leader’s contacts to meet David, her fixer.

While in Seattle, after a few months of making connections and doing runs, she met another runner, Psychedel. While not known at the time, it quickly came about that the two would be married. Their relationship has had its ups and downs, but they’ve only grown closer since, and 5 years plus a kid and a move to Seoul have only strengthened them.

Ex Machina

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