Knife throwing Bird Surge


A tall (formerly) human woman, with large feathered ears not dissimilar to a great horned owl. Her eyes glow like that of a cat, and her limbs and neck are all adorned with small, dark red – almost purple – feathers. Her body is quite well built, very toned with a surprisingly strong corded musculature.

She dresses in either a very formal fashion or like that of a dancer or performer. Quite often she wears foot wraps or very durable sneakers to enable her to run at full speed.


Born in Hong Kong and practically born into the Red Dragon Triad, Yu experienced a fairly straightforward life. She went to school, didn’t get in too many fights because of her ties, and was over-all fairly happy. Then highschool happened and the Red Dragons wanted to broaden her skills to be a very effective enforcer, and candidate for a position as a Red Pole. As time grew, so did her latent magic, and her prowress meant she grew to be a very effective marksman with throwing knives. Knowing the limits a knife could reach, she reached out to her Triad family to gain an upper hand. They introduced her to Li Bao. Bao was a botanist first and formost, and took care of a lot of awakened plants. Even ran his own “very legitimate” landscaping company. This was, of course, a front for red orchid grow-op, as well as some more lethal toxins. “Poisons, while they can be fairly obvious at times, are also surprisingly common and easy to grow. Almost anything could be a poison in the right dosage,” Bao had reminded Yu many times. As an enforcer for the triads, as well as a bodyguard at times for higher ups, Yu was content with her lifestyle. She was even being specially preened for being the next Red Pole.

And then it happened. On one fateful brisk midnight jog by the bay, there was a single shooting star that passed overhead. By no means a Hailey’s Comet scenario, but it seemed to signal the beggining of her end. When she awoke the next morning, it wasn’t. It was 5pm. She was covered in a layer of soft, downy feathers, all now coloured a deep purplish-red as opposed to her old black hair. Even her hair itself had changed. The transformation was setting in quickly, and within 24 hours from that moment, she had locked herself in her house and hid, horrified at the creature she had become. This was far from what could be acceptable. Her Shan Chu would kill her if she found out. A knock at the door, left unanswered left many questions for the Red Dragon Triads. It was over. It would have been better now to talk to the Shan Chu and see if things could arranged so she could stay within the order.

As she made way to the Tong, though, her old rival Feng Qigang had spotted her. All that he could use to tell it was her was the SIN she displayed. Crowds gave her wide birth in the street. Qigang called the Fu Shan Chu, and displayed on camera what SIN this creature had loaded. Within an instant, Lin Yu’s potential place as Red Pole was stolen from her, and she found herself not only exiled from the Triads, but banned from Hong Kong. Only a text from the Fu Shan Chu to tell her of her unwelcomness.

And so she ran. She told Li Bao what happened, and the woman was very understanding. “Surge is not something one can control, but you are still family. And you have not chosen to stray from your human path.” It wasn’t long before Li Bao was hiring Yu out to people for smaller odd jobs. Someone with her unique set of skills could manage. All the while, Yu fronted at smaller fairs as a “freak” and knife thrower. Demeaning, yes, but it paid. Eventually work grew larger and larger, until she finally could truly call herself a “shadowrunner.”

Finding out about Qigang was a first step, granted by Li Bao. But she would have to work harder, no matter what the shadows did for or to her, to claim what she truly deserves. If she cannot have that, then she will at least have revenge.

As her side of the story is unveiled, it is revealed that she is quite well known for her knife work, and that she is a very avid performer and party-goer.


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